What Is The Best Type Of Car In The World?

I’m not talking about makes of cars here, that is a debate that could take literally forever! No, what I mean here is the type of car, supercar, 4×4, city car etc

I’ve been lucky enough over the years to drive thousands of different cars. Some a tad bland (the Ssangyong Rexton springs to mind) to things that are the most amazing machines you could imagine, the Lexus LFA for example which was the most exciting afternoon I have ever had with my pants on.

I’ve had a lot of debate about this over the last couple of weeks. Mostly because the weather has been nice so with all the hours I’ve spent in nice pub gardens we needed an interesting conversation.

ferrari 458

I have a friend who to be honest is a lucky bastard. He races sports cars on the weekends and during the week wouldn’t even consider popping to shops in anything with less than 500bhp and a pedigree badge on its backside. He thinks the best type of car has to be the very pinnacle of what a car can be, namely a Supercar. This is a good argument, but no. Sorry. The best type of car in the world has to be accessible to everyone, and whilst the normal person may see the odd Aston or Ferrari drive past them, we are never going to have one as a daily driver are we? Unless we have a lottery win anyway.

My fellow writer Ollie thinks the best type of car in the world is a big German saloon car. He can’t get enough of the things. I’m not shy to say that I’m not a fan. They aren’t as well made as people thing you know. They go wrong a lot and when they do the bill is massive once the warranty has run out (which annoyingly is usually when they do choose to go wrong)
So parts are expensive, insurance is expensive and they are tough to park in supermarket car parks. Although you will impress in the office car park.

For me, the best type of has has to be realistically accessible for everyone to afford but it also has to be able to do everything. You should be able to take the kids to school in it, it must be small and easy to park, you need to be able to fit you weekly shopping in the boot, you need to be able to get a sizeable lump cargo in the back too. What happens if you go to Ikea and you cant get your new chest of draws in the back?
It also needs to be cheap to buy and cheap to run, and most of all it needs the most important quality a car can have…. It needs to be fun

Guessed where I’m going with this yet? I think the best type of car in the world is the hot hatchback.

They can do everything and they are cheap to run, everyone can afford one. Some are a little over the top and more suited to 17 year olds to drive around seaside towns, but if you are a little older don’t worry, you can have one too.

mini cooper s

Some hot hatchbacks are truly classless, you will see anyone from elderly nobility to young men in baseball caps driving them and it’s fine. A good example of the classless nature of these cars is Mini Cooper S. Look at the people driving it next time one goes past you. It could be an old lady or a young lad blasting music out of it. Anyone and everyone can enjoy a hot hatchback, and they should.

If I was told I could only drive one car for the rest of my life I would choose a hot hatch every time.


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