Want To Buy A Cheap Appreciating Classic Car?

We’ve been working on a little project for a TV show that we do a bit of advising on and we were asked this exact question.
We had a budget of £3k ($4,273) to buy a car that’s a real, proper modern classic car that over the next 5 years will rocket in value.
As big fans of modern classics this was a dream task for us, but it was not easy at all. There are a lot of options here, from cool old Fords like the Capri or the Sierra XR4, to E30 BMW’s and even a couple of old Morris’s.
But the task here wasn’t to buy the coolest modern classic, the only thing it needed was an appreciating value but with only 3k to spend options are pretty limited and you can’t get something super special, it would need to be an everyday car that is interesting and becoming rare because people have started to throw them away when the repair bills get a bit high.

So we drew up a shortlist…

1983 Ford Granada MK2 2.8i

1983 ford granada

1983 ford granada front

1983 ford granada rear

1983 ford granada interior

This is a peach of a modern classic. Has a great Ford V6 engine, 100,000 miles, lots of history and is in the right colour with the right wheels, it even has a proper retro interior.
This car is up for sale on UK ebay for £2150 ($3066). We predict that over that over the next 5 years this will easily double in value.

1971 Rover 3500 V8

1971 rover 3500 side

1971 rover 3500

1971 rover 3500 rear

1971 rover 3500 interior

What an absolute beauty this model is, with the all aluminium classic V8 that Rover put in everything, this is the one you want. In a beautiful red, the car isn’t spotless but has worn it’s years pretty well.

For sale today for a measly £3000 ($4273) this thing is a bargain, and if the price doesn’t rocket over the next 5 years I’ll eat my own shoes.

1988 Volkswagen Clipper Cabriolet

1988 volkswagon clipper cabrio

1988 volkswagon clipper cabrio side

1988 volkswagon clipper cabrio rear

1988 volkswagon clipper cabrio interior

The MK1 Golf Cabrio has been cool for a very long time, but now they are getting rare. The rust buckets have long since died leaving mostly cherished examples of the breed. If you want a good one you may need more than the 3k budget we have. But this one in ‘Essex white’ is currently for sale for only £2995 ($4265). The value of this in good condition WILL skyrocket. Trust me.

1989 Mercedes 500 SEL

1989 mercedes s class

1989 mercedes s class front

1989 mercedes 500 sel

1989 mercedes 500 sel interior

Built like a battleship, with all the presence you could ever need on the road. If you were a captain of industry in the 1980’s then owning one of these bruisers said something important about you as a person.
This is far from the best example of an SEL out there, but it is a bargain although it has done nearly 200,000 miles. That just doesn’t matter with one of these, as long as the history is well kept this will go on forever and ever.

This one is for sale in the UK right now for £2850 ($4062). It will take a few years for the price to really start rising, but it will and it will keep rising if you keep you in good condition.

2000 Jaguar XK8

2000 jaguar xk8

2000 jaguar xk8 side

2000 jaguar xk8 rear

2000 jaguar xk8 interior

This is most modern of our shortlist being a year 2000 model, but that doesn’t matter. People are really starting to want these now the prices are low. This one for example is for sale for only £2500 ($3564) and the price will never get lower than this, so if you want an XK get one now because the prices are going up, and in a little over 5 years this will be worth closer to 7k, trust me.

So at this point you must be wondering which of the gems above we bought for the TV show?
All of the cars above that we found are excellent finds, but we found a far better option.

We spent a total of £1350 ($1924) on a car, another £200 ($285) on some tyres and it needs about £300 ($427) to repair the rear arches where this is some light rust bubbling through. But with all this completed the car is spotless and owes us under £2500 ($3564).
This car had every single option added to it when new, there is nothing it doesn’t have, from heated electric seats to a meet-and-greet-you steering wheel. It even has a very expense factory option, a Harman Kardon stereo system, this car was made in 1994 so that is a pretty special option to have.
The car is already worth over £1000 ($1425) more than we paid for it as it sits now, but in 5 years this car will be worth 10k or more. I guarantee it.

Want to see it?

1994 Jaguar XJR-6

It has the very desirable 4 litre straight 6 with a supercharger giving it over 320 horsepower. This is rarer, more reliable and cooler than the later V8 models, it has a ton of history and does amazing burnouts.

1994 jaguar xjr side

1994 jaguar xjr front

1994 jaguar xjr side 2

1994 jaguar xjr rear

1994 jaguar xjr full side

1994 jaguar xjr engine

1994 jaguar xjr interior

1994 jaguar xjr dash

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