Used Car Buyers Guide – Infographic

Even though new cars are constantly being introduced to the market, many motorists will prefer to purchase a vehicle second hand for a number of reasons. Obviously a vehicle will be less expensive if it has already been driven, but used cars also have the benefit of not depreciating in value the moment you switch on the ignition and put it in gear. Also, the range of selection you get when buying second hand is greater than with brand new models, while used cars will generally be in very good condition, especially if you buy from a dealer who is obliged to only sell vehicles of merchantable quality.

This infographic from First Aid Wheels tells you all the basics about buying a car second hand, including the different avenues available to you, the key questions to ask the seller and the important checks to carry out before doing any deal. No matter how genuine and knowledgeable the seller may seem, you should always perform your own checks on a used car to see if you would be happy to pay for it and drive it. A car that may be perfect for one motorist might not suit other motorists at all.

The best way of checking to see whether or not you would like the vehicle is to take it for a short test drive. This is a totally reasonable request and even a few minutes of a spin will probably be sufficient for you to decide conclusively one way or the other. If the car looks snazzy at first but doesn’t drive as it should, by taking a test drive at least you’ll have spared yourself a sizeable expense that would not have been worth it.

For more advice on buying a car second hand, check out the infographic below.

Used Car Buyers Guide Infographic

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