Top 5 Bargain Car Gadgets of 2015


I’m forever on eBay looking for interesting things to put in my cars, it’s actually becoming a bit of an addiction for me. But on the plus side I do find and buy some pretty cool stuff.

Here are my top 5 Car Gadgets so far for 2015

5: GPS Rear View Mirror

gps rear view mirrorIt looks terribly cheap and probably doesn’t work all that well. But if you have a car that doesn’t have built in navigation then this is very cool and cost effective way to get it.
I really like the idea of the gps screen being in the rear view mirror, it’s such a good place for it.

On eBay now from around £70

 4: Dual Camera Dash DVR

dual camera car dvrI’ve spoken about how much I love car DVR cameras on here before (see Car DVR Dash Cams) and I still do. The first thing I do when buying a new car is install a camera.
The latest generation of genuinely affordable car cams are smaller, cheaper and more reliable. And now you can get dual camera ones so you can record front and rear all the time. Never be caught out by an accident again!

Dual camera models are on eBay now from around £50

3: Phone Wireless Charging Cradle

wireless phone cargign cradleThe batteries in smart phones never seem to last long do they?, so charging up while in your car is a perfect way to stay connected. But if like me you always forget to plug your phone in then this is the perfect solution for you.
All you have to do is put your phone in the cradle and charging magically happens wirelessly. Although it doesn’t work with all phones so make sure yours in compatible before buying one.

Available on eBay from as little as £18

2: Magnetic Ball Phone Holder

magnetic ball phone holderI’ve always disliked having things stuck to my windscreen or dash, I like a nice clean and tidy car, but I do like having a home for my phone, especially when I’m using it for navigation.
This is my current phone mount of choice. It doesn’t look horrible stuck on to the dash, you can rotate the phone and it holds the phone nice and securely. Best of all they are ridiculously cheap.

I bought mine on eBay for £2.99

1: A2DP Bluetooth Radio

a2dp car stereoI adore having built in bluetooth handsfree in my cars. The joy of your phone connecting automatically without you needing to do anything and then being able to take calls safely and legally is wonderful.
Built in bluetooth car kits can be rather expensive now, but along with taking calls I need more nowadays, I want the ability to stream music wirelessly from my phone to my car.

My most recent purchase was one of these cheap car radios from Germany for use in my Mini. For less than £40 it will play from anything, iphones, SD card, usb, or anything with an audio output. but best of all it supports A2DP bluetooth audio streaming. Oo, it can take phone calls too.

I have tons of music on my phone, so to be able to just get in a drive away with my phone in my pocket but be able to listen to music from it through the radio I think is excellent. Ok it the model I chose looks a bit cheesey, but there are many others available.

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