Here comes the MG3 – But Is It Worth Caring About?

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I’m a British car guy, I like driving the flag. OK fair enough my old Jag is the first of the Ford era ones, but it’s still patriotic to me.
So the same should be able to be said about the new range of MG cars. Yes they are from a Chinese company but they are still ‘assembled’ in Longbridge (I’m not sure how much actual assembly is done here so I’ll skip past that bit as it probably just has the badges glued on here or something).

But anyway, MG is a classic British marque isn’t it, so should we all go out immediately and buy an MG3?

It looks alright, and with all small cars now you are able to completely personalise it with all silly colours and stickers to the point where you can make it impossible to sell on in 3 years when you’re done with it.
The bits that seem to annoy me most, and I’m still not fully sure why, are the patriotic range of stickers. A union flag on the roof looks fantastic on a German mini but wrong on this, somehow the same with the RAF roundel stickers. Brilliant on a Morgan but they just look wrong on this car.

Otherwise there isn’t too much to complain about. Prices start from about £8,400 and rise to £9,999 if you want one with all the toys. The engine is a 1.5 petrol. I’ve not driven it yet but from what I read on the interweb the engine isn’t brilliant. Wasn’t that the main problem with this car’s bigger brother too, the MG6?

Whilst on the MG website I stumbled across a concept cars section, where they are showing off all the cool things they have made but will not produce. Which is weird as there are some nice cars in there but they choose to produce dreary rubbish.

mg icon

Look at this one, the MG Icon, it looks like a Mini coupe had a drunken one night threesome with an Alfa 4C and a Nissan Juke, and this was the offspring that spawned from it. I like it alot. And it has the grille from an old MGB. This is the stuff they should be making!
(Click it for a bigger image)


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