Tesla Autopilot Drives Man To Hospital

Tesla Drives Man To Hospital

We’re split here in the office as to whether autopilot on cars is a good idea, personally I’m dead against it. If you can’t drive, don’t. Self-driving vehicles already exist, they are called taxis and buses.

But this poor chap in Missouri, USA got on the motorway in his Tesla when he felt severe pains in his chest and knew he needed to get to a hospital immediately. Rather than pull over and call for an ambulance he used autopilot on his Tesla to drive him to a hospital 20 MILES away.

Which it did, taking him safely to the road leading to the hospital, where he manually parked it and admitted himself to hospital, where he was found to have had a pulmonary embolism.

So while autopilot might have been responsible for killing someone recently, this time it seems it may have saved a life.


I still don’t like the idea of it though!

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  1. ahtox74 says:

    Although it is described as autopilot, the Tesla’s self-drive function does require drivers to pay attention to the road and touch the wheel at intervals. The man killed in Florida in May was allegedly watching a Harry Potter film when his car ploughed into the lorry.

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