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SmellMyClutch guest writer Sean Allison brings you his experience of the ever popular process of ‘Terracleaning’…

After watching Wheeler Dealer episodes back-to-back, seeing Edd China’s face (and very long arms) reminded me of my favourite car maintenance subject. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the cardboard cut outs of Edd China placed in many-a car wash or workshop, he endorses Terraclean.

Terraclean is a revolutionary and incredibly effective engine decarbonising service. It works by running a highly refined fuel through the car’s fuel system, through to the engine. There are claimed ‘restored economy’ and ‘restored performance’ benefits, and most people who have had a Terraclean seem to agree. However, there is also an equal argument online, with some users claiming it can cause damage to the engine and some of its components.

The unique Terraclean machine

The unique Terraclean machine

From a first-hand experience, on two different cars, I can say I have definitely seen improvements. On both my current and previous vehicles (2007 Ford Fiesta ST 2.0-litre [51k] and 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.25-litre [65k]). Both cars saw roughly 5-7mpg increase on most driving conditions. They both also felt much more responsive to drive, especially the ST.

The guy who did both of my cars, was more than happy for me to watch and ask questions. The actual process is very simple. By disconnecting a few fuel lines under the bonnet, they divert the fuel to engine, via the Terraclean machine. He then ran the engine, and then engaged his machine. The machine has two cans of ‘product’; one injector cleaner, and one engine de-carboniser. It runs through them separately, indicated by two lights on the machine. It’s definitely worth checking out what comes out of the exhaust during the decarbonising stage, when you can see 10 years of crap coming out! This is apparently even more spectacular on a diesel Terraclean.

The Terraclean website FAQ section, seems to answer the online haters pretty well. Because it’s only highly refined fuel that is running through the engine, what damage can it cause? There is the theory of if the injectors became leaky before a Terraclean, and deposits from misfiring sealed the leaky area, that the Terraclean would clear those deposits and cause leaky injectors again; this is only because they were leaky in the first place.

After 2 successful trips to the Terraclean man, all I can say, is that it is the first thing I will be doing with any future used car purchase, is getting it done straight away, and for just under £100, it definitely makes a big improvement.

Visit the Terraclean website to find out more about the process and to find your nearest agent.


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