‘Tax The Rich’ – The Anonymous Rolls-Royce Drifter

If you’re not familiar, Tax The Rich 100 is a YouTube page set up in early 2012. A couple of Ferrari 288 GTO videos were posted back then. Nothing special. Then, in December 2012 this video was posted:

It went viral and Rolls-Royce went crazy. The car in question was a £400,000 Extended Wheelbase Phantom and was leant to the editor of What Car? magazine who allegedly handed it to a mate of his who then proceeded to cane it round his country estate like a World Rally car.

They thought they were clever by pixelating the number plate but little did they know this was the only dark blue Phantom Extended Wheelbase in the UK at the time. Busted!


The country estate in question

We don’t like to speculate or reveal but the estate is located in rural Suffolk and is owned by a well known property tycoon who has a private car museum and a son making his name as a professional rally driver. If there’s anyone in the family you’d want drifting a £400,000 Rolls-Royce press car through the gates of a 230 year old country pile, it would probably be him.

18w7aanrd67sojpgWhen a Rolls-Royce isn’t being drifted around 460 acres of land, two Ferrari F50s can be found playing tug of war, a white Bugatti EB110 playing around, a Jaguar XJ220 has been seen doing a burnout in a puddle of petrol (yes, there are flames) and a Ferrari Enzo tears around the estate’s tracks dodging farm machinery and getting covered in mud and dust. More recently a Rolls-Royce Wraith can be seen sliding on the lawns and around the impeccably kept walled gardens.

It really is a sight to behold!

Check out the awesome Youtube channel here


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