Selling A Car? Here Are Our Top Tips For On To Add Value To Your Car

When selling your used car you want the best price that you can get for it, right? Of course you do. Well there are a few simple and cheap things you can do to add value to your car. This will help you sell it and help you get the best price for it.

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Everyone loves the gadgets in their new car. So if your car has a very basic spec and doesn’t have many toys, then you should think about adding a few yourself on the cheap.

  • Parking Sensors

I can’t think of many new cars that don’t come with parking sensors, people love them and they are the number one most used car gadget. You would be amazed how cheap you can fit these for.
I recently added parking sensors to my Jag, I bought colour-coded ones with the full kit on ebay for less than £15 delivered.
All I had to do was drill 4 holes in the bumper (a very scary prospect) and connect a couple of wires to the reversing lights in the boot and hey presto, working parking sensors.
If you want just plain black ones, you can get the complete kit delivered for less than £10.

  • Bluetooth

Everyone has a phone with Bluetooth now, so having a Bluetooth kit in your car is a great addition and everyone will find it useful. Jump on Amazon or eBay now and you will find so many different kinds of Bluetooth kits. From simple ones that just plug into the cigarette lighter, to funky ones that clip onto the sun visor, ones that are built in to rear view mirror or completely professionally installed ones.
If you are buying one just to add value when selling your car I would suggest you look for the kits that are built into rear view mirrors, it gives the WOW factor to potential buyers, they cost less than £30 and are super simple to install. Or get one that is built into the radio.. see below

  • Fancy Radio

I’ve seen so many used cars that still come with cassette players, who still uses cassettes nowadays?!
Get to your local motoring shop and buy a cheap radio or buy a used one from ebay. For £30 you can get one with iPod inputs or spend a little more and get one with built-in Bluetooth so you can use your phone too. Most cars now have a standardised connection so it can be as simply as plugging it in and sliding it in to the dash.

wash me

Bodywork & Wheels:

The body work and the wheels are the first thing people see when looking at your car so make sure they are looking as perfect as they can be.

  • Clean It!

Your car can never be too clean, so get a bucket of water and some polish and don’t stop cleaning until it looks perfect.
Your wheels should be super, super shiny too. Remember, you are polishing money in to your car. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car. It really, really annoys me when I go to look at a car I might buy and it’s dirty. I want to see the car looking at it’s best, not it’s worse!

  • Scratches

Scratches on your car body panels can be an expensive thing to sort out, but there are some cheap ways that are worth trying.
For light scratches get yourself some good old fashioned T-Cut and a couple of clean rags and you will see an improvement.
For deeper scratches get online and buy yourself a magic scratch pen. These are just marker pens full of clear lacquer and are perfect for filling deeper scratches, I have had some amazing results with these magic pens in the past.

  • Lights

Simple, make sure all your lights work and none of the lenses are cracked or foggy. Bulbs cost pennies so there is no excuse.

  • Dents

If you have dents on your car it can make it very tricky to sell, but there are many specialists that can come to you at work or at home. They can even repair some dents without having to paint your car and they relatively cheap and give great results.
Simply Googleing ‘mobile dent repair [in your town]’ will turn up all the people who can help you.

  • Tyres

Nobody wants to buy a car with bald tyres. People don’t really want to have to do anything to a car they have bought, they just want to enjoy driving it.
So get to your local tyre place and put some fresh rubber on. If cost is an issue get cheap part worn tyres fitted.

cleaning car


The interior is where the person buying your car will spend all their time. So make it right.

  • Rips and Tears

There are no excuses for having rips, tears or burn holes in the upholstery. Get yourself some cotton and a needle and sow them up! It’s the easiest thing in the world to do and will transform the image of your car’s interior. If one of the seats is in a really bad way then buy a used replacement seat of ebay or your local breakers yard for around £50

  • Mats

Buy new mats! They make the car look new & looked after and they are cheap. Some high street stores are selling mat kits for £3.99 so there is no reason not to buy them

  • Clean Everything

Get a cheap bottle of dash cleaner and a rag and make everything shiny, the gear surround, the indicator stalks, everything!
It will make car smell nice and give the image that it has been well looked after

The money you spend here you will get back in profit on the sale of your car and it will be much easier to sell.
A buyer will find it hard to negotiate any discount if they can’t find anything to complain about!



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