Renault Kwid Launched & I Sigh With Disappointment

So a while ago we were wowed with the concept images for the Renault Kwid. I thought it was one of the most exciting concepts that I had seen for many years.
Obviously production models rarely look exactly like their car show concept models, and we never thought for a second the production offering would be exact mostly due to the ridiculous interior and the crazy tyres. But I was sure they would keep the bright two-tone colours and the excellent front grille.

So here’s the car show concept model, doesn’t it look amazing

renault kwid concept

renault kwid concept dash


So would you like to see the production version of the exciting and modern looking Renault Kwid Concept?

Here is the production Renault Kwid, brace yourself…..

renault kwid 1renault kwid 2 renault kwid 3


It is always such a shame when a car company doesn’t take the gamble of launching an exciting and different design.
You would be forgiven for looking at the front and thinking it’s a Dacia Duster. For my money I would rather have the Duster.

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  1. Sam Dickson says:

    Was really looking forward to the release of the Kwid ever since I saw the concept a while back, big disappointment.

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