Don’t Buy A Boring Euro Car; Get Yourself An American V8

V8 Badge for american carsI’m quite the fan of American cars. Having an addiction to shows like Fast ‘N Loud, Wheeler Dealers and Turn & Burn doesn’t help my addiction.
Compared to some of the boring European boxes we drive around in here, there is just something exciting about the Yank tanks.

So I’ve been having a think and I have come to the conclusion that if you are looking to buy a new car in any sector of the market (apart from tiny hatchback, the Americans struggle there) that I would like to suggest an American option for you to buy instead of something French or German.

If you want to add to this list, use the comment box at the bottom and the best ideas I will add to the page.

Luxury Car



Make: Cadillac
Model: Escalade
Price: £10k – £30k
Engine: 6.2 V8

If huge presence and tons of space are your requirements most people nowadays look towards the mighty Range Rover. I’m quite bored with the Range Rover now, they’ve gone a bit too ‘Essex’
If you really want to stand out and make a statement get yourself an Escalade!


roush mustang

roush mustang 2

Make: Ford
Model: Roush Mustang
Price: £14k – £30k
Engine: Supercharged V8

If you are looking for something sporty with epic power then what could be more fun than a car with a big supercharger stuck to a huge V8.
Fair enough cornering isn’t going to be up to BMW M3 standards but you cannot get more power for less money. It looks great too.

Everyday Driver



Make: Chrysler
Model: 300C
Price: £5k – £30k
Engine: Diesel, V6 or Hemi V8

I love the 300C. It’s just a mean looking car and before this was available what else did you see on our roads that looked as menacing?
With a nice diesel engine it’s great as an everyday car. But if I was buying one I’d have the big hemi V8.

Weekend Classic Project



Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Price: £5k – £100k
Engine: V8

Probably the coolest affordable American classic of them all (I’m expecting a Mustang argument now), I adore this shape of the Trans-Am. I found this white one sitting on ebay for £9,999. Bargain! And I love the colour, normally people have painted them black
How much fun could you have on weekends with this in your garage!

Dream Classic

chevvy bel air 1

chevvy bel air 2

Make: Chevriolet
Model: 1957 Bel Air
Price: £20k – £200k
Engine: V8

This for me is the American dream on wheels. It’s huge, has a V8 and has fins. Anyone in the UK would be proud to have this in their garage.

I know it might not be to everyones taste, but for my money this is the ultimate American classic car. And this particular one is the ultimate version of the ultimate classic. I found this gem on ebay USA and it is perfect in literally every way. Click here to view it on ebay


What do you think? I would love you to comment below

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2 Responses

  1. tt von B says:

    If this a European site touting American cars please be forewarned that with American “engineering ” there comes the down side of American manufacturing. Not that the cars are not designed and built really well but that the processes and materials used have become substandard. Classic cars, pre 1970 used full strength metals and materials that withstood a lot of abuse but today the materials are scarcely adequate. Your better off buying a Bemmer, VW, or Honda due to it’s life expectancy and Actual ability to outperform overall. Fast and loud is just that, never mind trying to corner or brake.

    • jonathon says:

      I have heard this from some other people too. But they do seem to have come a long way in styling and quality in the last years from what I know about them

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