Our Summer Holiday – Rusty Rex European Rally 2017

Last year we entered one of those cheap car rallies, you know the score, cheap old banger grab a mate or two and have an adventure around Europe with a load of other people.

We chose the Rusty Rex Banger Rally, it seemed like a good choice for us as beginners, and we were not disappointed at all. The route was simply amazing, from Bond roads in Switzerland to the Top Gear favourite Stelvio Pass.
The issue we had was waking up with a little Bastille Day hangover in Val D’Isere with a plan to end up in Nice by the end of the day, only to find out there was a terror attack the night before and Nice wasn’t going to happen, so the rally was cut short.

Well this year we have some unfinished business, and we aren’t the newbies anymore. This time we won’t be getting lost and messing it up all the time. We won’t be hungover and we won’t be spending a fortune buying cars that break down before we’ve even left.

Do you fancy an adventure in July? Come with us, there are still some spaces left. And we can promise you, if you like driving and adventure you will have a brilliant, brilliant time on the rally.

Sign up here, you know you want too. Rusty Rex Rally Sign Up




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