Ollie Might Love The Germans, But I Want A Romanian



There is a constant argument in the Smell My Clutch office between Ollie and me; he just loves the Germans… specifically their cars. He just can’t get enough of Mercs and Audis and this for me is reason enough to wind him up a bit.
Then one day he comes in and says his next car is going to be a VW Eos.

For Christmas I think I’m going to buy him a beer stein and some lederhosen.

But anyway, back to the story. Why Ollie continues to spend fortunes on his panzer wagons I’d go out and find a cheeky little Eastern European number. Namely A Dacia Duster.

I’m a second hand kinda guy when it comes to cars, I like to get a bargain and feel like I’ve got good value for money, so buying a brand new car or even a nearly-new one has never appealed to me really, until now that is.

I’ve spend some time over the last ten years in Eastern Europe, driving through Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria and I saw so many Dacias, usually the Logan. I found out how much these cost and was astounded as to why they weren’t for sale in the UK.
Well my dreams have finally came true and Dacia have a full lineup of cars for sale here and I have fallen in love a little bit with 2 of them. And after looking at the latest finance deal it makes me wonder why everyone isn’t driving around in Dacias.

Dacia Sandero Stepway

stepwayThis is a mini MPV version of the little Sandero. You don’t get all the toys of a more expensive car but you get everything you need. Built on solid Renault underpinnings you know it will drive ok and last well. And look at it, what a great lump of motor for only (from) £8395
But the price isn’t the best bit, look at the finance deal here… Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 16.34.07

£99 a month, seriously, £99 a month for a car like this and the final payment wouldn’t even kill you if you wanted to keep it at the end of the term.

Got a little family? Looking for something practical, safe and affordable to ferry the kids about in? This should be on your list to look at.

Dacia Duster

Dacia-Duster-Access-2013-FrontHere it is then, my favourite reasonably priced car currently on sale in the UK.
I remember a few years ago, before it was on sale seeing a review of the Duster on 5th gear and thinking it’ll be cheap and it’ll be rubbish.
Well it is cheap, very cheap in fact. But rubbish? Not a chance.
The little 1.5 diesel engine pulls well enough for everyday driving, there’s loads of space, it’ll cope with the off-road basics perfectly well, it’ll tow a horsebox if that’s your thing and it costs only from £9495.
A proper, pukka car for less than 10 grand. Unbelievable!

I really, really want one of these. So I’m going to spec one up on the Dacia website right now and see my grand total. Here we go….

I’ve specced up a petrol model, added 4×4 and the ‘touring pack’ and this brand new car with a couple of options is £12050. What else can you get that measures up to this sort of car for that money new?

I promise this is not a paid for ad by Dacia, I just really think that cheap, solid cars like these are the future. And the way the economy has been cars like thus may be the perfect chance for people who never thought they would be able to buy a brand new car to actually do it….. and I think I just might!
Finance on the base model is from only £99 per month with a £3k deposit


Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 16.46.27

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