Old Lincoln Limo – Nice Find or Are You Blind

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Recently I’ve developed a bit of a problem. I’m always on the look out for a used car to buy to have some fun with for a couple of months, but lately I have become obsessed with buying a limo.

I have nowhere to park it, no reason to need one and I could barely afford to run a huge V8, but I want one. I’ve been bidding on a few on ebay, this is one that I am actually considering.
For only £2,450 I could be the proud owner of this!.. View it on eBay here..

What do you think. Am I crazy or would it be great to own it. Comment & Vote below!


Should Jonathon Buy A Pointless Old Limo?

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  1. August 5, 2014

    […] mentioned earlier that I’m in the market for buying a cheap Limo at the moment (Read post here) but I don’t think I’ll quite have the budget for this […]

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