New SEAT Leon Dazzles With Its LED Headlights

17114444705388a3ed810b4 The entry models start at £15,500 and they are good value for money with plenty of standard equipment and the new Leon is built on the same chassis as the Audi A3 and latest VW Golf (don’t forget that Audi and SEAT are owned by Volkswagen Group) and it does actually drive similar to the Golf. 

Lower-powered models have a similar suspension set up to the two previously mentioned cars. While FR and hot Cupra versions of the Leon have lower, stiffer setup for agile handling, however there isn’t any major difference to be felt. On the downside, the precisely shaped mirrors and models with larger wheels allow too much road noise.

It drives well on the road – the suspension does a good job of flattening out bumps and keeping the car steady and the brakes are excellent. 8518481165388a44d88faf

As you’d expect, the Leon has a 5-star Euro NCAP score, lots of airbags, an alarm and immobiliser and also a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The interior feels spacious, uncluttered and solid, almost like a BMW and the centre-mounted touchscreen is easy to use and positioned well. Quite the opposite of the rival Ford Focus with its plethora of buttons.

If you’ve seen one on the road, you may have clocked the unusual headlights. Similar full-LED units have been around on Rolls-Royces, certain top end BMWs, Mercedes and Audis for a while but it’s only recently that such technology is trickling down to smaller cars. The Leon is actually the first car in its segment to get LED headlights. IMG_2826

In short, they are fantastic. Only the top versions of the Leon have LED headlights as standard but they can be fitted along with navigation and DAB radio as part of the ‘Tech Pack’ for £500. That’s well worth doing. Some dealers were even offering them for free when it was first released.

89154247453889e352f490 The conservative styling of the new Leon is a hallmark of the Volkswagen Group, which is fine if that’s what you want, but there are more daring cars you can buy for this sort of money.

There’s a few engines to choose from (all turbo) starting from a 1.2-litre petrol. At the top of the tree is the Cupra version (costing from £26,000) with 280bhp 2.0-litre diesel. The 1.6-litre diesel is expected to be the biggest seller though.

If you choose the correct engine and specification, it’s a tough car to beat for the money.




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