New MG Crossover Coming Soon

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We’ve started seeing MG 3’s and 6’s on the roads more and more now. Whether these were bought new or sold used as ex demo’s we don’t know, and can’t be bothered to check to be honest. All we know is that we wouldn’t buy one with our own money.

To try and get more cars on the road MG want to tap in to the huge crossover market, so let me introduce you to the all new MG GS

We’re told that it will only be available with 1.5 petrol engine which is bad news, I’m sure in time a diesel will be introduced though.
MG are hailing this new model as affordable and fun. I have no doubt it will be affordable, but not too sure about the other claim until we get our hands on a test car and see.

From the outside it all looks a bit Renault Captur to me, especially in the orange from these press pics.
Inside looks modern enough, hopefully it will have a decent fit and finish.

So are you ready to know the price? MG want these things to sell so we can get used to seeing the marque back on the streets. Well there’s no way to sugarcoat it, they want near 15k for the base model and up to £20k for one of these with some toys. That’s their idea of affordable apparently.

Can’t see them shifting many units personally, not when you can get a diesel Dacia Duster for less than 12k. I would guess the Dacia would be a better car too. But I’ll wait till I’ve driven before I cement that claim.




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