NDORS – Driver Retraining Scheme In The UK


Not heard of NDORS before? It’s an option you have if you’ve been caught speeding. Instead of getting points on your license you might get the chance to do this course instead.

ndors course bookWell now is the time to admit that recently I have been a naughty boy and I was caught speeding in my old Jag. Before I’m ripped apart on twitter I will say that I was only a little bit speeding, I was 5mph over the limit, but yes, I know speeding is speeding and I was guilty of it.

The letter came through from Essex Police and I was offered the NDORS course or 3 points on my license. Obviously I chose the course. So I paid £100 and booked it online.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. Would we get told off for 4 hours by the local traffic police or would it be like being at primary school again for a day? Well it was neither.
The trainers are privately employed and very nice people, welcoming us in with complimentary tea and coffee, there was around 20 people there including me.

There were a few large round tables and we all picked a seat around them facing a projector on the wall. From the outset we were shown that this wasn’t a telling-off, it was just a refresher course helping us re learn a few things that we may have forgotten.
We were each given a work book that we were to keep and take home and all the things we would do on the course should be written in the specific parts of the book. There was a little quiz on speed limits for certain roads in certain vehicles, there were a couple of videos to watch and spot any hazards and other things like that. There were no right or wrong answers and other attendees shouted out answers, some were spot on, some were well off the mark. We all had a giggle and discussed what we’d learned. It was quite a pleasant experience all round albeit a bit boring at times.

But what’s four hours out of your life to avoid 3 points? I do feel that I honestly did learn a few things and was reminded of a few things I have forgotten over 10 years of driving.

If you are offered an NDORS instead of points, do it! Either way you are paying £100 but with the course your insurance company doesn’t need to know and that could save you quite a bit.

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