Mazda AZ-1 Gullwing | Nice Find or Are You Blind

  • mazda AZ1 boot
  • mazda AZ1 engine
  • mazda AZ1 front quarter
  • mazda AZ1 front
  • mazda AZ1 gullwings
  • mazda AZ1 interior
  • mazda AZ1 passenger side
  • mazda AZ1 rear three quarters
  • mazda AZ1 side on
  • mazda AZ1 side

We haven’t done one of these for a while have we?.. Been slacking a bit over the Christmas period but we’re back and working now.

So scooting around on eBay as I tent to sometimes just randomly looking at cars I stumble across this Mazda AZ-1. Gullwing doors, sporty interior and a whopping 660cc turbo engine. The seller does advise that if you are over 6ft tall you won’t be able to drive it though!

see the full ad on ebay now

For sale for £13,500. Would you buy it? Comment and vote below

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