TEST DRIVE | 2014 KIA Cee’d Sportswagon

Today was an interesting day. I drove a KIA for the first time. Kia-Ceed_SW_2013_1600x1200_wallpaper_03

After dropping the mother’s car off to the FIAT garage today for its MOT, I was faced with the prospect of having to drive her KIA Cee’d courtesy car. Reluctantly, I got in and was a little taken aback by the car itself.

It’s one of a few estate cars I have driven, and the only KIA I have driven. With the canine eating nature of the Koreans, I already had a mental image of how poorly I thought the car would perform. However I was impressed with KIA’s offering. image (5)

The trim level I had was the ‘2’ (mid-range), and is packed with plenty of toys! Cruise control/speed limiter, air con, auto electric windows, projector headlights, cooled glove box (as standard), adjustable effort power steering (Flexsteer, with 3 settings) and KIA’s DCT transmission, which is basically a manual transmission with a midget underneath the car, doing the clutch and gears for you. These DCT boxes can be juddery and hesitant in some vehicles (the FIAT Abarth 500 being the best (or worst) example I can think of), however the KIA is incredibly smooth.

The clever load space

The clever load space

There is plenty of space in the car. Head room, leg room, and for those who have a poor diet, arse room. Three overweight adults would be comfy in the back. The boot is also very clever, with different sections to organise your junk.

The ride is also very good for a ‘budget’ car. It’s smooth, without being harsh. Bumps are dealt with well and it’s very well glued to the road. Unfortunately its just not very fast. In ‘ECO’ mode, I found it was trying to hunt through the gears occasionally on short hills, or when speeding up from 60mph. When it’s out of the “intelligent” ECO mode it tends to do this less.

Overall, after handing the car back, it has left me with a positive image of KIAs in my mind. With a 7-year 100,000 mile warranty, I’m sure it’s built to last and it gets a thumbs up from me.



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  1. jonathon says:

    Come on Ollie… its the same price as a focus but not as good. Why would anybody buy one?

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