Jaguar XE Configurator Goes Live On Jag’s Website

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I’ve been waiting a while for this. When I first heard Jaguar were making a BMW 3-Series rival I was very excited. Their last effort in this sector, the X-Type was quite frankly a big anti-climax. But lately Jaguar are on fire with their cars. The F-Type is unbelievably sexy, the XJ is just so desirable and the XF is more of a contender than a 5-Series or E-Class in my opinion anyway.

So I’ve had a bit of fun and I’ve speced up an XE to the spec that I would buy it at, and too be honest I’m genuinely surprised at how expensive it’s come out at.

Fair enough I chose a nice model, I went for the XE R-Sport 2-litre diesel, in British Racing Green with some nice wheels and if I’m honest I went a tad crazy with the options list, but come on you all would. The total came out at a whopping £53,329.00.

The base car price was £34,775.00 and my added options were £18,554. Yes I know I could tone down the options a bit but even with no options it’s not that well priced.

I just went on the BMW website and speced up a 320D Sport roughly to the same spec, I may have missed a few options as I got a bit bored looking at a dreary German saloon car but the total came out at £38,880.00 which makes the BMW better value.

So which one would I buy? Silly question really, over-priced or not it’s the Jag every time for me. Can’t wait to get my hands on one to bring you a proper road test.

View the Jaguar XE configurator here

(Do you want to see my dream Jaguar XE on the Configurator?
Click Here..)



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  2. June 18, 2015

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