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Jaguar F-Type Convertible White

I am a huge Jaguar fan. I like the old ones and the new ones, so a follow up to the legend that is the E-type Jaguar was always going to get my man-juices flowing.

My main concern is that they won’t do justice to the original car, The E-Type wasn’t just great because of the looks, it was great because it was a giant killer. It was faster than a Ferrari and cost a lot less, That’s a dream that is.

In true E-Type style, the F-Type also costs a lot less than a Ferrari but the 5.0 litre supercharged R version could possibly give one a run for it’s money. But I don’t have that one I have the S model with only a puney little 3.0 litre V6, although it still has a supercharger and that helps the power get to 380bhp and a top speed of 171 mph.

The Looks

I’ll start by talking about the looks, being objective is easy normally for me, but I struggle to find an angle at which it looks anything other than perfect. It’s aggressive but also gentle and elegant at the same time, a very tricky feat to pull off. My test car is white and it’s great colour for the car, it really shows off all the angles nicely. If I had to be critical, and of course I do, that’s my job.. I really am not a fan of little pop up spoiler on the back, it seems like an unnecessary fashion accessory to me. Not very Jaguar at all.

The interior is wonderful, simple, modern, classy, cool… use all the superlatives you like, it has them all. I like it a lot. Again though, the excellent design is spoiled by something, this time it’s the touchscreen nav computer thingy. It’s the same one you get on Range Rovers and it’s just not good enough. It’s slow to respond and the on-screen graphics look like I made them, and that’s not a good thing. It looks and feels cheap when sitting here I want to feel super special.

The Driving Experience

So driving the car is as you would expect, a great experience. It handles beautifully, it’s so nicely balanced that you forget it’s a Jaguar, from the feel of the chassis you could be forgiven for thinking it cost 3 times what it actually does.
But the thing that will get you every time is the noise. The 3 litre has a twin centre exit exhaust, the pipes are huge but not as huge as the noise they create, it’s ridiculous and you wonder whether it can actually be legal to be this loud. Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t change it for the world, it sounds, well the only word is exciting. If you like cars then the noise this makes will be the biggest turn on for you.

We recently recruited our very own racing driver, Daniel Wylie. He races BMW’s but dabbles in other championships. So we handed the F-Type to Daniel and he made it dance, hanging the arse out at will and holding it perfectly with the tyre smoking excellence that makes you wish that you could peddle a car like that.

So let’s face it, now I’ve told you that he drove it too you are more interested in what he has to say about aren’t you?
Well he loved it, he also said how exciting the noise is, and how well it grips and goes. You could tell he was smitten when he drove it, he returned it with bald tyres for a start!

So should you buy a Jaguar F-Type?

Well let me put it like it this, our racing driver Daniel’s daily hack is a Maserati Gran Sport, he races cars on the top circuits around the world and wins regularly so we trust his opinion on sports cars. His opinion on the F-Type?

Well he’s just bought a 3.0 litre model for himself. I think that says it all

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