My Issue With AMG, S-Line and M-Sport cars

mercedes-slc-gets-the-green-light-44392_1After seeing a new BMW 420d this week, dripping with M-Sport badges, it left me wondering, why would BMW would put such a legendary tuning logo on a run of the mill diesel car?

After pondering this subject a little longer, I discovered that this occurrence is not unique to BMW; Audi and Mercedes-Benz are committing similar monstrosities.

In fairness, the new 4-series (as reviewed by Smell My Clutch HERE) is a good looking car, however, the addition of the M-Sport badges to lower models lessens the appeal of the actual M4.

In retrospect this applies to Audi ‘S-Line’ models and Mercedes-Benz ‘AMG’ models such as the ‘E350 AMG’. I mean, who makes an AMG diesel these days? Well, it’s not actually a real ‘AMG’, it’s merely a marketing tactic (which clearly works very week indeed).

Granted, not everyone can afford a real ‘AMG’, so Mercedes-Benz are plastering their cars (along with BMW and Audi) with bits and pieces from the real thing, bridging the gap which shouldn’t be bridged between their lower end cars and the high end, performance machines. This means your average Joe, can now own a BMW 4-Series, that looks suspiciously like an M4, for the price of a second hand canal boat, or if average Joe doesn’t have such deep pockets, he can get it on a PCP (Practically Can’t Purchase).

So what about the people that can afford and would like to exclusively own an M4? Well, to put it blunty, they can, but they are no longer part of the prestigious BMW ‘M’ club. A club which I would sooner rather stick my head in a gas oven than join.




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