What Happened With Jules Bianchi’s Crash At The Japanese Grand Prix 2014

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We now have a video of the actual incident. Click here to view it

If like me you were watching the Japanese Grand Prix on TV and wondered why they never showed or mentioned the Jules Bianchi crash live you will also be wondering why that is and what actually happened to him.

All we saw on TV was the recovery tractor picking up Adrian Sutil’s car on turn 15, there was a quick flash on the screen of Bianchi’s radio but no audio was heard. We then see the safety car and medical car leave the pit lane followed by an on-screen message saying there is a ambulance at turn 15 and the race then got red-flagged.
But while all this was happening nobody mentioned Jules Bianchi or showed any footage. The screen graphics showed his car was red, off the track and not classified but still nothing was said or shown.

Well we all know that the FIA controls all the TV coverage so you can understand that for the sake of younger viewers that they wouldn’t show anything on the highlights, but live? How can they control that… We’ve seen countless F1 deaths broadcast in the past. With a quick Google search you can find many videos including Senna’s. So why the big media blackout for Jules Bianchi?
The presenters are always saying, “motor racing is dangerous, it says so on the back of every ticket”. We know it’s dangerous and we expect to see crashes sometimes.

Some images of the incident have made their way into the public domain, mostly thanks to good old Twitter. So we can see that Bianchi clearly hit the tractor that was lifting Sutil’s car. We can’t however see fully where it hit or whether it slid underneath the tractor or whether it impacted under Sutil’s car and that’s what caused Bianchi’s head injury.

The problem for the FIA and FOM is that if they officially release the footage then we will all see clearly the impact with the recovery tractor. This will then cause huge pressure on the FIA to change many things. They would have to stop using tractors to recover vehicles or wave red flags every time someone needs recovering.
How would the public react if Bianchi turns out to be very ill indeed from hitting an FIA sanctioned recovery vehicle? You understand by the images I’ve found why they hid it, it’s a horrible accident with the roll bar and top of the car completely gone, this can only mean that Bianchi’s head fully impacted on whatever he hit.

Don’t expect to see the truth emerge from an official channel any time soon.

Update: Monday 06/10/14

Bianchi is said to still be in a critical condition unfortunately.
Adrian Sutil has talked about the accident as he was the main witness to it all, he says that Bianci’s car hit the recovery bulldozer bang side on. This would account for the image seen of two wheels under the tractor / bulldozer and for the damage to the top of Bianchi’s car as it would been able to slide slightly under the bulldozer given it’s height from the ground and it’s profile.
Seems like a very unlucky accident.

Update: Monday 06/10/14

We now a video of the actual incident. Click here to view it


Images courtesy of Twitter users: Paul Genge & Mansasu Silver



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  1. steve says:

    Really nasty, but check out the tower marshall, he changes from double waved yellow to green while the truck is still trackside, even after Bianchi’s car hits he looks down, see’s it and for a few seconds continues to wave a green flag.. WTF!!

  1. October 6, 2014

    […] Read our full post about Bianchi’s accident with multiple pictures by clicking here […]

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