Frank Bruno’s Mercedes on eBay – Nice Find Or Are You Blind?

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Every now and again, a car pops up for sale with a celebrity ex-owner. George Michael’s Range Rover, David Beckham’s Toyota Prius and I happen to know the owner of an Audi A5 previously owned by Tulisa no less. She’s now upgraded to an R8 after making a lot of money from selling something other than records, but I digress.

We’ve found loveable heavyweight champion Frank Bruno’s 1990 Mercedes 500SEL for sale in Essex for well under £1,000. The seller claims everything is mechanically sound and after a nice clean up (and a check under those chrome wheel arch covers for rust), we think this could be a weekend car to love and cherish. Nice for wedding hire too!

So is it a nice find or are we blind?

Would you like to own Mike Tyson's Mercedes-Benz?

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