Cheap Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – Nice Find Or Are You Blind

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I thought for this week’s edition of Nice Find or Are You Blind that I would give myself a little treat. So I asked myself a brilliant ‘car guy’ question. If I had £50k to blow on a car what would I buy.
Normally I look at Maseratis or maybe even a high miler Aston V8, but today I’ve found my favourite Ferrari.

The 612 is a 4 seat, V12 front engined Ferrari, and as with all 4 seat Ferraris the depreciation is ridiculous so now we can buy this thoroughbred Italian stallion for less than £50k… who could resist!

View the full ad on Autotrader. Click here

What do you think of it? What would you buy if you had £50k to blow on some wheels? Comment below

Would you blow 50k on this fezza?

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