Ex-Stig, Ben Collins’ Audi RS6 Paintball Battle

Starring James Bond stunt driver Ben Collins, most famous for being Top Gear’s tame racing driver The Stig, and parkour expert Damien Walters, this video pits the odd couple against each other in a paintball battle.

To make things a little more interesting, paint ball guns were not used. Instead, the two opponents could only throw paint filled balls at each other. Perhaps a difficult task for Collins who is driving the epic new 550bhp RS6 Avant, however, he was given an array of paintball throwing sticks which are mounted to the outside of the RS6’s door. A bit like those curved sticks with a tennis ball on the end to throw for dogs in the park.

The battle of man against machine seems to be slightly in favour of the nimble parkour hotshot, but Collins ambushes him for a surprise ending. It almost reminds us of the Top Gear ‘battles’ where everything is strictly to script. Enjoy…


I hope that paint washes off!



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