Those European Banger Rallies, Are They Any Good?

ramshackle-rally-2011-crazy-car-race-heaven1I’ve always wanted to do one of those cheap car banger rallies, something about driving a car worth a couple of hundred quid to some exciting places with a bunch of like-minded people seems like a nice way to spend a bit time to me.

So recently I’ve been trying to talk Ollie in to doing one with me, and as he sort of agreed I thought I’d do my homework on them all and see which one is for us.
There are many to choose from, a simply Google search for “Banger Rally” brings them all up. So here are the details of what I think is my shortlist

Boom Banger Rally

boom banger rallyBoom Banger Rally runs twice a year on two different routes, March goes to Marrakech and in August it runs a ‘cosmopolitan’ rally to the south of France.
The website looks professional and the cosmopolitan rally seems like a nice way to break my banger rally cherry.

Value of Car: No More Than £250
Entry Fee: £250 per car
Ferry Included: No
Accommodation Included: No
Prize Money: Yes
How Many Days Driving: 3

Czecheap Challege

czech rallyThis, from the website looks like quite a fun rally with lots of entrants. UK to Prague is the route, different to many others and does seem like a fun place to end up. Spread over 3 days you will average about 320 miles a day which is a good amount for an old car to do.


Value of Car: No More Than £400
Entry Fee: £215 per car
Ferry Included: No
Accommodation Included: No
Prize Money: No
How Many Days Driving: 3

Benidorm or Bust

beni rallyThis is my winner at the moment and the one I think we will go for (If I can fully persuade Ollie that is!). With a nice route down to Benidorm, you know you will find an affordable hotel at the end, it’s a familiar location and would be easy to get the car back from as we plan to use the car we buy again in the future.
Having never completed one of these before we don’t really want to do a really long one, we just want to see if this sort of thing is for us, and this rally seems like the perfect rally to give us a taste.
Entry is a very reasonable £180 per car for the event running in September 2014 and it looks like a fun crowd, lots of cars and some great themes. They do also run a second event in May.

Value of Car: No More Than £250
Entry Fee: £180 per car (For September)
Ferry Included: Yes
Accommodation Included: No
Prize Money: Yes
How Many Days Driving: 3

You do need to make sure you have your car in proper order though. To enter these rallies your car needs to be fully road legal with UK tax, valid MOT and insurance. Also remember that normal car insurance probably won’t cover you for one of these events so you need to source specialist insurance. From my research this doesn’t seem expensive at all. I plan on buying mine from Herts Insurance who offer a special Banger Rally insurance package

So get on eBay and Gumtree and find yourself a nice old car for 200 quid and get signing up for one of these fun adventures!


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    If you want to do a banger rally you have to check out motoscape banger rally

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