Coming Soon – Morgan EV3

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Famous for still using wood in the construction of their cars, Morgan have gone all modern and have made an electric version of their fun little three-wheeler.

Called the EV3, production is due to begin towards the end of this year. Morgan know a thing or two about British sports cars, and one thing they really know is that weight kills the feel. So the new EV3 will weigh in at less than 500kg, which when you consider that the battery pack can you give you a range of up to 150 miles, that really is an impressive feat. Maybe they’ve started using balsa wood in their cars instead now!

0-62mph should arrive in just under 9 seconds, and a top speed of over 90mph is quoted.

It will be one ‘one wheel drive’ with a 46kw motor driving the single back wheel and prices will be comparable to the petrol versions we’re told.

Morgans move in to making electric drive trains was partly funded by a UK government grant of £6 million, which was given to help them develop hybrids and electrics for the future.

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