Buying Big Power On A Small Budget

We here at SMC love a giant engine in a car. My daily driver is a 4.0 litre and Ollie’s used to be a V10 Audi. Nothing makes you feel happier or more secure on the road than having a few hundred horses under your right foot. But times are tight at the moment aren’t they, so what if you have a budget of less than 5k but want something impressive with lots of power, what are your options?

BMW 750i

bmw 750iIf it’s good enough for James Bond then it should be good enough for you. There can’t be many ways to get a big power V12 cheaper than this. Get a good one and it will be reliable, spend a couple of hundred quid on a private plate and people will think you’ve had a win on the pools!

Average Price: 3-5k
BHP: 320

Jaguar XJR

jaguar xjrAs a Jag man, this is the one I would buy. And I probably will later this year. Go for the straight 6 version if you want a proper jag but the later ones had a V8 if that’s your thing. Both have a supercharger giving up to 400bhp. For less than 3k for one in average condition you won’t go wrong and it is a real future classic.

Average Price: 3-6k
BHP: 370

Mercedes S500

mercedes s500The luxury car of choice for the world. All the celebs love being driven around in an S Class. But they are always small engine diesels. For less than 5k you could be rolling around in a 5 litre super luxury yacht of a car!
You can also pick up a C class with a similar engine for about the same money, but’s lets be honest, if they are about the same to buy you’d have the S Class, wouldn’t you?

Average Price: 4-7k
BHP: 300

Jeep Cherokee V8

jeep cherokee v8If you want a big engine then sometimes you should look at the true home of the big V8 – America. I’m a big fan of the Cherokee and for this budget you can get the best one. The 4.7 V8 Overland.
This car will have all the toys you need. Real usable four wheel drive and loads of power and torque.

Average Price: 4-6k
BHP: 250

Audi S6

audi s6Just about possible in this budget is a big engine Audi S model. You can get an old S8 or the one I would go for is a 2002’ish S6. It still looks modern, will be safe, reliable and have all the toys you could need.


Average Price: 4-10k
BHP: 340

Nissan Skyline

nissan skylineYou can’t create a list of affordable power cars without including something from Japan. Now 5k isn’t a lot of dough when it comes to buying a hot jap car. But with some shopping around and haggling you should be able to get yourself a Skyline. Power depends on the model and how heavily the previous owner tuned it. But expect somewhere between 200 and 400bhp

Average Price: 5-20k
BHP: Could be anything!

Ford Galaxie 500

ford galaxie 500As a friend to our cousins across the pond how could I make this list without including some classic American metal. I’m sure in the states you will have more choice for your 5k but over here in the UK choices are limited and prices are high. So for this money the car will need work. But if I had 5k to buy some classic American muscle I would probably buy this freshly imported Galaxie 500 I found on ebay for ¬£4995… and it’s got white walls!

Average Price: 5-25k
BHP: 200

So there are a few ideas. If you can think of a nice big power car for less than 5k comment below or tweet us on @smellyclutch


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