Bust Boredom By Building Your Dream Car

Before you buy a new car, you obviously want to see what it will look like in your chosen colour and trim etc.

Yes, you can go into a dealership and have them talk you through it at great length, but most manufacturers have a very detailed configurator system on their websites.

So whether you’re actually looking to buy a new car, or want to kill an hour on your lunch break, we run you through some of the best configurators we’ve had a go on. Click the images below to configure yours…


ROLLS-ROYCE  |  There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and ambition, and the ultimate dream surely has to be a Roller. Their online ocnfiguartor lets you build any car from their current range, from the 7-Series based Ghost, right up to the big boy’s stretched Phantom and Drophead models. Naturally there are no prices displayed:

Rolls Royce Configurator



BENTLEY  |  Bentley’s online configurator is equally detailed and slick and also lets you construct their current model range. Again, no prices shown, because as the old saying goes, ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford’:

Bentley Configurator


DACIA  |  If the last two iconic marques are out of price range at the moment, then we suggest you come back down to Earth and try the Dacia configurator. Dacia is a little known Romanian brand that we’ve become very fond of in the last year or so. You can buy a new Dacia Sandero for an unbelievable £5,995. Compare that to a base Fiesta or Clio at £9,995 and £9,495 respectively, then Dacia seems like a very sensible alternative. Dacias are Renaults underneath at the end of the day.



AUDI  |  As German cars are so popular, it would be wrong not to include the big four marques in our list, so first up is Audi. You can configure every model from the A1 up to the massive A8, Q7 and R8 supercar on their website:



BMW  |  Modern BMWs are a byword for quality and you can be sure that whatever new model you select, you’ll be satisfied and happy with your choice. They’re becoming more and more popular as company cars, so try spec’ing one up on their website:



MERCEDES-BENZ  |  Mercedes-Benz offers probably the greatest number of model variations of any manufacturer, I think they will run out of letters soon! A, B, C, E, G, M… the list goes on. On their site you can spec up any of their cars including the halo AMGs, but the dedicated AMG website offers greater detail:



PORSCHE  |  Porsche offer a powerful configurator with a massive range of options for each model, ranging from the midlife crisis Boxster, right up to the full fat 911 Turbo S and GT models with full pricing structures. The new Macan and 918 Spyder configurators have recently gone live too if you’ve got €853,000 to spend on the latter:



FERRARI  |  On Ferrari’s site you can only seem to build a 458 Italia, but that is enough for us! I’ll have mine in black, with beige Daytona leather please:



MASERATI  |  Maserati’s configurator on the other hand offers lots of detail for spec’ing up a new car. And the best bit of their configurator comes at the end where you can hear sound clips of your chosen model:



ASTON MARTIN  |  Bringing it back to Britain to finish with, you should try Aston Martin’s configurator. Every car in their current range is beautiful and exquisite. Car porn!:

aston martin


BUGATTI  |  We’ve included the Bugatti Veryon configurator as a little bonus. It’s been the ultimate dream car of the last 10 years and has blown world records away when it was released and continues to do so now, being the fastest, most powerful and most expensive production car ever with its 1,001bhp for the ‘standard’ version and ten radiators to cool the 8.0-litre W16 engine, more than most houses. You can also configure most of the special edition Veyrons from this configurator:

veyronComment below and share your creations with us…


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