My New (to me) BMW Z4. Should You Buy A Used Z4?

I don’t know what it is. I just can’t seem to tear myself away from German metal!


For the past few months while the weather has been fairly decent, I have been lusting after a convertible. I took the plunge with a BMW Z4 2.2i SE. Black with a tan hood (I’ve since discovered that this colour combo is extremely rare), and with 70,000 miles on the clock.

I found it for sale locally at a small friendly dealer and within the same budget that I was looking at BMW Z3s for. You’d be stupid to buy a Z3 over a Z4 at the same price!

One massive downside of the E85 Z4 is that run flat tyres were fitted as standard across the range, apart from the savage Z4M. This means the car handles OK. Just OK. It tramlines like no car I have driven before. You have to constantly be on alert and ready to catch the car as it happily veers to the left or right without warning at 20mph or 120mph, sorry I mean 120kph. I should have the reactions of a fighter pilot by the time I’ve finished with this car!

I’m reliably informed that one of the most effective mods you can make is to ditch the run flat rubber and just slap some normal tyres on it and have a sealant kit and compressor in a bag in the boot in case of a puncture.

So it’s fingers crossed for some gorgeous weather in the next few months…

3 month update

So as promised, I ditched the run flat tyres and decided to go all out and buy some new wheels. On eBay, I tracked down some ‘as new’ BBS LM-R 19″ rims complete with fat 265/30 Pirelli tyres. The tramlining has gone, hurrah! Average fuel economy is at 37mpg and most of all, it’s such fun! I’ve had the top down a couple of times on crisp November mornings and it’s so refreshing. It’s a good balance between performance, fun, looks and economy and I’ll definitely be getting another summer out of it before I even consider selling.


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