When Is The Best Time To Buy Your Next New or Used Car?

buying-a-used-car-2This post came to me this morning. My PA, Kerry came in the office and asked if I would call up enquiring for her about a car she found on Autotrader. The car in question is a VW Beetle Cabriolet. Nice enough car, and I did as I was asked.
But thinking about it, it’s nearly September, the summer is all but gone, how much roof-off action is she going to enjoy this year now? If it was me I’d wait until January or February next year when convertibles are at their cheapest and buy one then.

So when is the best time to buy a brand new car?

There are a few times when you can get the best deal on a brand new car from a dealership. The main tip to remember is to buy at the end of the month. Dealerships work on sales targets and if they are struggling to hit their targets they will get desperate by the end of the month and if you play the game a little bit you can get some great deals. Also it’s worth knowing that in the height of July and August and in mid December dealerships are at their quietest and really need the sales, so you can find great deals then too.

Another great time to get the best deal is to head to a dealership when a new model is taking over from an old model. I know some people who got amazing deals on a brand new, older shape Ford Focus once the new one was released. Dealers are stuck with old stock and need it shifted.


When is the best time to buy a used car?

Well the same rules apply as above if you are buying from a proper dealer (apart from the new model stuff anyway) but there are a few other tips you will want to know:

Used car dealers need to move stock and move it quickly. Most of them don’t make that much profit on each sale but because they shift quite a few cars every month the business works for them.

So if you drive past the same dealer on your way home each day and notice a car you like, have a think about how long it’s been there. If they’ve had it a while and have been slashing the price this tells us they want it sold badly, so will be more open to doing you a good deal.

Think about the time of the year too. As the beginning of this post suggests, buying a cabriolet in the summer when the weather is nice and everyone wants one is silly, the prices are at their highest. Buy one in the coldest, snowiest, worst bit of winter. Anyone selling one will have it up at it’s lowest possible price as they know the market in minimal.
The opposite is true if you are looking to buy a 4×4. People want to buy a 4×4 ready for the winter, so going then will mean you will pay the highest price. If you want to buy a used 4×4 visit the dealer in the hottest part of summer, that’s when the best deals are to be had.

Whether you buying new or used always remember one thing. Choose a car with your heart, but buy it with your head. Look for the best deal all the time


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