What Is The Best Classic Car You Can Buy For £10k?

classic mini cooper

It’s a good question this one because £10,000 isn’t enough to get something super dreamy like an Aston but it’s more than enough to buy something really interesting.
So if you have that sort of money to spend on a car what should you buy?

Top Tips:

Stay away from anything too rare. When looking at cars in this price bracket you can be sure that in the not too distant future the car will probably need some work doing and some parts replaced. If you buy a rare car then parts will be rare too.

Steer clear of anything Italian. No I’m not being Italian’ist, I absolutely adore Italian cars. But let’s face it, if you want to buy a classic Italian car then it’s going to be something a bit special isn’t it and Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Maserati’s etc at this price point will not be show winners. Having them worked on will not be cheap and getting parts, even simple service parts like filters could turn out to be a real headache. If you want Italian, work harder and save more money. 25-30k gets you in to something Italian that will be a good car.

Buy something you love. Too many people are trying to guess what the next big investment car will be. Something they can buy now and use it once or twice a year and then sell on in five years time for ten times what they paid for it. The whole point of a classic car at this money is that it is something you have loved and longed for since you were a kid. Buy a car you can use and enjoy, don’t lock it away in a garage!

Here are my top recommendations for a reliable and fun classic car cor 10k or less that will hold it’s money

1. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

rolls royce silver shadowThe Silver Shadow is the easiest way to get in to Rolls ownership. In the 1980’s the second hand market was flooded with old Shadows and prices fell. Because of this you can now buy a cracking example for less than 10k. Owning a good Roller will never be cheaper and this is a true, proper classic that you can use whenever you want, you could even make a few quid by using it a wedding car. Prices are going to rise for these beauties soon, so if you can buy one now you should.
Don’t panic about getting parts and having them worked on. There are lots and lots of dead shads out there that gave their life we that we can all use their parts. And most good garages will service one.

2. Modern Classic Mini Cooper

classic mini cooperIn 1999 Rover were still making the old Mini and these were some of the best ones that were ever made. The Cooper is obviously the one you want. These ones came with some fixtures and fittings and some leather, the last run of the Mini is a pure classic car. Have fun, drive it everyday if you want and be happy in the knowledge that you will never lose money on a good, well cared for example.

3. 1965 Ford Mustang

1965 ford mustangI’ve never been a huge fan of the Mustang personally, but I do recognise that they are a true classic and the originals always will be. That’s why if you love a Mustang you should get out there and buy the best example you can afford because before too long prices will go up again and you won’t be able to find a good one for under 10k.
The one pictured here is a totally rust free freshly imported A-code car with full matching numbers. In other words it’s the one you want and it’s for sale on eBay right now for only £9,800

4. 1980s Mercedes SL

1980s mercedes slDo you want a totally reliable uber cool convertible classic car that makes you look really classy and sophisticated? Yes? Well an 80’s SL is the one for you. With many engines to choose from you can get a nice car for your 10k budget.

5. Original Fiat 500

1966 fiat 500 classicIt’s cool, it was cool in the 60’s and it’s cool now. Fiat making the modern version of this car has really given a kick to prices of the classics. But you can still get a beautiful example for your 10k budget. I would love to own one of these personally. I’d use it everyday for work, why not?
Also, I know I said to avoid anything Italian above didn’t I, but the rules that apply to other Italian cars don’t apply to these. Parts are readily available, you can buy an engine off the shelf for about £500 and any garage will service it cheaply.

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