Bentley’s SUV Isn’t Just A Rumour; It’s Happening!

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It may seem like a bit of a late entrant to the SUV market but Bentley promise luxury beyond the level currently offered by rivals, which is a big claim.

Car Magazine have the scoop on this with all the spy photos.

The Bentley SUV snapped here might be a late-stage prototype but it’s still disguised, so we can’t tell yet exactly how the design has evolved. The front wings wear heavy padding to mask the final shapes and forms, but the overall proportions of the Bentley 4×4 are plain to see.

From these spy photos, we’d wager that conventional Bentley grille and twin headlamps are present and correct – the front view looks much like a Continental GT on stilts. The dominant wireframe grille flanked by double round, LED-strewn lights is a familiar Bentley facial motif.

This carĀ will borrow heavily from the next-generation aluminium architecture bound for future Audi Q7 and VW Touareg off-roaders, which is claimed to chop some 200-300kg from the heft of those leviathans.

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