What Happened At The Australian Grand Prix 2015

australian grand prix 2015

Well F1 is back and it did seem like a short winter break to me, but I’m not complaining.

There’s been a few interesting driver changes, the most intriguing obviously are Vettel to Ferrari and Alonso to McLaren. I’ve never been a huge fan of Vettel but I really think this could be the making of him. If he can put in another amazing performance he will silence all the critics (including me) that say his championships are down to his car rather than him.
I can’t help seeing Alonso’s move as a step down, McLaren had a shocking season last year and I predict much the same for them this year, and I will say now that I don’t see Alonso sticking with the team after this season.


Quali was quite interesting actually. Lewis came out fighting as expected, but Vettel getting his Ferrari on the second row was a pleasing surprise as was Carlos Sainz coming in 8th in the Toro Rosso.

Williams continue their great form with a 3rd for Massa and Bottas 6th, but he would have been higher if not for the stumble on the last corner of his final hot lap.

The Race

The big disappointment at the start of the race for me was that Bottas was a non-starter due to a back injury, him not starting isn’t the disappointment it’s the fact they aren’t running the car. Where was Susie Wolff? She deserves a race and surely it’s her job to fill in when needed isn’t it?

With a safety car on the first lap they have started the year with a bang, literaly and the big loser here was Maldonado crashing out. And then the other Lotus of Grosjean got parked a few minutes later.

There seemed to be a lot of poor pit stops during the race. For some reason multiple teams seemed to be struggling with the left rear. Kimi Raikkonen came of worse when after his second stop the rear left was not properly attached when he was released from the stop so he had to park the car on the track for safety reasons.

jenson button moustache australia 2015Button seemed to put in a fair effort. The McLaren is still a terrible car but Jenson seemed to be getting the most out of it. Another thing I’ve noticed about Jenson is his attitude so far this year. Last year he was captain excuses, always complaining and passing the buck, but now he seems really upbeat about everything. Whether he’s just happy to still be driving or McLaren have advised him to sort his moaning out I guess we’ll never know.
While I’m talking about Jenson, let’s not forgot to mention the facial hair he is currently sporting. I wouldn’t be upbeat if I had that on my face!

The Mercedes cars dominated the race with a one-two finish with Hamilton taking the flag, Rosberg coming home less than 2 seconds behind.

Vettel took the final podium position which I feel is very impressive and it’s good to see Ferrari being competitive again. And Massa coming in 4th provides some valuable points for Williams.

All in all it wasn’t the most exciting race ever. But it’s nice to get the season started.

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