Ever Wanted Your Own Armoured Car? We Review The Best

While browsing eBay for unusual cars, I stumbled across an armoured ex-prime ministerial Jaguar and it got me thinking: what happens to security cars when the owners are done with them? Armored-Range-Rover (9)

Well after a bit of research, it would appear some are exported to Asia (mostly China), some are auctioned in the UK but the majority end up on ebay, Autotrader and other selling sites.

So whether you’re concerned about safety on the school run or you’re a high ranking diplomat, then take a look at some of these reinforced vehicles all for sale today.


Land Rover Defender Armoured

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Used for media transportation in wars zones and hotshots around the world, this privately owned Land Rover Defender personnel carrier is for sale at £35,000. Ideal for preparing for a zombie apocalypse with a few mates.


 BMW 745i High Security

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If you want something a little more discreet and executive to be driven in for just £50,000, then this sinister looking BMW 745i should be ideal. It’s built to B6 specifications, which means it can withstand mines, grenades, AK47s and NATO-spec carbine rifles. Extras fitted include emergency lights and sirens, loudspeakers system, tear gas sensors and a little button which blows out the windscreen for a quick emergency exit. Very cool!


 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

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Over the pond now but still German, and this 2012 Mercedes S63 AMG Limousine has almost infinite muscle with discreet defence. It costs $300,000 and is built to B4 ballistics protection level, which means it can withstand handguns and shotgun rounds. Thicker glass, thicker window frames, run-flat tyres, a reinforced bulkhead and stronger firewall means this top-spec Benz won’t be pierced by any bullets. In fact it could probably outrun a bullet with its 6.3-litre twin-turbo V8.


 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard

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If you’re the type who always has to have the latest iPhone and wear the newest fashion then you won’t want to be rolling around in a model from two years ago when the latest has just been released. So let me introduce the 2014 Mercedes S600 ‘Guard’. It’s built to the highest specification allowed for a civilian car: level VR9. It can withstand everything the previously mentioned cars can, plus tank-mounted tracer rounds and US Army carbine guns. We’ve tested the new S-Class in standard form, it’s an amazing vehicle and is the future of motoring and as you might expect, this flagship version comes spec’d with pretty much every factory option possible. Extras fitted include an automatic fire extinguishing system, opaque window blinds and heavy-duty window motors to roll down the unbelievably thick side glass and frames. Instead of a cup holder in the front console, one finds a control panel with buttons for the oxygen system in case of a gas attack, door detonators for blowing out the hinges for a quick exit, controls for the emergency lighting as well as loudspeaker so you can shout at the peasants.


Naturally, other premium brands offer similar cars. The Audi A8L Security, Jaguar XJL Sentinel (our Prime Minister’s choice), Range Rover, Bentley and Lexus all have the same specifications as above.

But what if you’re Queen of the UK or US President? You’ll want something a little more secure so forget everything listed above, the cars owned by these two rulers will blow your mind.


Queen’s Bentley State Limousine

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The official state car for Queen Elizabeth II, this custom made Bentley is based on the Arnage, but that’s where the similarities end. It’s windows and body panels are discreetly armoured, the cabin can be sealed in the event of a gas attack, the whole car is blast-resistant, the tyres are kevlar-reinforced and it is always followed by the Met Police’s Royal Protection officers. This car is impenetrable!


Barrack Obama’s ‘Beast’

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When you are the world’s most powerful man, you need a car to match. The Secret Service refers to this 8 tonne car as ‘The Beast’, and we can see why. Most of the security details of the car are classified, but what is known includes resistance to biochemical attacks, a night vision system and onboard shotguns. The doors are 8 inches thick and each weighs the same as a Boeing 757’s cabin door, the vehicle’s armour is a whopping 5 inches thick made of a combination of steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramic. The windows are so thick and let so little light in that strip lighting is installed in the cabin. There’s even a blood bank in the boot in case the President requires an emergency transfusion while on the move. Performance has been hindered quite significantly: 0-60mph takes 15 seconds, it’s top speed is just 60mph and fuel economy is around 8mpg.


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