Are You A Powerful World Leader? Then This Is The Car For You

Range Rover Sentinel side

The menacingly-named ‘Sentinel’ is based on the current Range Rover Autobiography which as we know from testing it here, is one of the most luxurious and best driving cars on sale today. This armoured version delivers the class-leading comfort, commanding driving position and all-terrain capability of the Range Rover, while providing massive protection against those pesky terrorist attacks.

Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division call this car a mobile fortress and one can’t argue with this. It is designed to withstand penetration by 7.62mm armour piercing bullets as well as protection from 15kg TNT blasts from every angle while the occupants remain safe inside the fortress. Grenade attacks will also be shrugged off.

RR_Sentinel_interior (3)At its core is a 6-piece armoured passenger cell, made of super-high-strength steel. The standard glass has been replaced by laminated armour privacy glass. The Sentinel is fully certified to ‘VR8’ standard against ballistic threats by QinetiQ, an independent organisation that was formerly part of the British Government’s Defence Agency.

As you’d expect, the air suspension has been up-rated to handle all the extra weight. The Sentinel also has an anti-tamper exhaust, a self-sealing fuel tank and back-up battery. The driver’s window only rolls down 10cm, enough to exchange documents but not enough for your McDonalds drive-thru meal.

RR_Sentinel_exterior (4)When it is time to leave in a hurry, run flat inserts in the tyres – fitted to special 20-inch split rim alloy wheels – allow the vehicle to be driven even if the tyres are deflated. In addition, enormous 380mm front and 365mm rear brake discs, both with high-density pads, ensure impressive stopping. If the worst happens and the main doors are blocked by an accident or an attack, occupants can exit via the Emergency Escape System behind the rear seats.

The guide tag of the Sentinel is just under £300,000 and even at this level optional extras are available which include under floor and under bonnet fire suppression systems, sirens and blue flashing lights, and an PA speaker system to shout at things outside. You do get a 3-year, 50,000 mile warranty though. A full driver-training programme is also provided to ensure drivers get the most out of the car. We’re also told a range of “bespoke options” is available on request.

Sentinel interior


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