Are Part Worn Tyres Safe? We Find Out

part worn tyres reviewThe other day I was in a local big chain tyre shop and I saw a poster on the wall saying that part-worn tyres are unsafe and you shouldn’t trust them as they are all sourced from vehicles that have been in accidents. Well obviously I doubted that claim as the part-worn tyre business in the UK is worth millions of pounds a year, I’ve used part-worns a lot and I’m not dead or been in a horrendous accident, so I thought I would look in to this.

My first question was to the guy behind the desk. I asked him how they can substantiate those claims and said ‘part worns ain’t safe though are they mate, you never know where they’ve come from’.
True enough you don’t but I can’t help feeling that this particular chain are so agains’t these types of tyres because they don’t sell them. So I decided to look in to the supply chain of part worn tyres.

It seems that part worn tyres are sourced it many different ways, and in fact the top source of part worn is not crash damaged vehicles at all it is end of life vehicles. Cars nowadays need to be fully recycled at the end of their usable lives, so if a vehicle recycling company takes in a car with good tyres on it should they just be destroyed when they are perfectly safe to be used on another car?

The second largest source of part worn tyres are the tyre shops themselves. Cars often suffer odd wear or punctures etc so when buying a new tyre you need them match both sides so you often end up buying two. The discarded good one after some checks can safely be resold.
Also, some lease companies that handle company cars will automatically change the tyres on a vehicle once they have lost a couple of millimetres of tread. There is nothing wrong with the old ones and they can be resold once checked.

Of course a source of part-worn tyres is crash damaged vehicles. But does this really make the tyres unsafe to be re-used? I have spoken to a few vehicle recycling companies and they fully assure me that tyres destined for re-use go through multiple checks and are perfectly safe for the new owner.
Say a vehicle has been in a front end impact. If this impact damaged the front wheels then the tyres are immediately sent for destruction and to be turned in to something else in the future.
But what about the tyres that were on the rear of vehicle? There’s nothing wrong with them, maybe the owner of that car only had them fitted last week, who knows. but there is no reason that they cannot be reused if tested and shown as safe.

Times are hard for people at the moment and keeping a car on the road can be expensive. If you choose to save some money by putting part worn tyres on your car then don’t worry. They are safe!
And from our previous post ‘Tyres: does it Matter Which Ones You Buy‘ we actually recommeny buying a premium brand part worn rather than budget brand new tyres.

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