Another Chinese Copy Car – This Time It’s The Range Rover Evoque


I love the Chinese copy cars, over the years there have been some classics, my favourite is the Geely GE, the copy of the Rolls Royce Phantom. Retailing for around £30k in China you know you want one!


At this years Guangzou motor show in China another copy has been unveiled and this time it’s even more like a photocopy of the genuine article.
Looking at the Land Wind X7 from the side it’s hard for even serious car bores to tell the difference between it and a Range Rover Evoque. They say that this car will go on sale for around £14k in China….. Want one? we do!

 Land Wind X7

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If you’re wondering how they manage to get away with this flagrant copyright infringement, well BMW once took a Chinese company to court when it was selling a copy of the BMW X5. A Chinese court threw the case out saying the car looked nothing like a BMW X5… the car is below, what do you think?

bmw x5 chinese copy

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