1985 Classic Bentley – Nice Find or Are You Blind

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This is a new feature of ours (not borrowed in any way from another car blog! 😉 ) we like to call it Nice Find or Are You Blind.

Ollie and I are always searching the internet for interesting cars, lets face we all love a flick through ebay or autotrader don’t we. But we are quite often divided about some of our finds, so here you can all vote whether it’s worth the money or not.

Todays is a ebay find 1985 Bentley. (see the full ad here)
The seller isn’t exactly flooding us with information about the car, but it has 6 months tax and mot. And for the teeny sum of £3250 you could be rolling around in your own Bentley. Come on, that sounds a bit special doesn’t it?

Vote now.

Is the 1985 Bentley a cracking find or is Jonathon blind?

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